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A dynamic, metallic dimpled reed for any double reed that fits on top of the bottom Mylar plastic reed to make incredible ducky sounds. The #4 T-Reed is thicker than the #3 and very much louder, rougher and raspier. Does not run as easily as the #3, but some callers absolutely rave over the results when placed on top of the long Mylar reed in your double reed call. In our calls like the D2T2, the Metal T-Reed when placed on top of the plastic Mylar produces raspiness must to be heard to be appreciated. This reed can be placed in a double reed and will make a beginner sound like a seasoned caller with very little air or a great caller sound like a pro.  It makes realistic hen sounds with incredible raspiness as the sounds are built into the metal reed itself. Some accomplished callers scattered over the country are sharing their success and affection for the sound dynamics of the Big Lake #4 T-Reed while ducks are coming to a sudden death. The #4 is a little more difficult to run and control, but is a go-getter in a loud and commanding way in any double reed call. Insert on top with the dimple down and run!

#4 Metal T-Reed

SKU: BL960253
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