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An incredibly functional short reed goose call that is priced right for the hunter who wants great sounds, looks, and reliability. Made out of premium acrylic and dipped in Realtree Wetlands camo using the same guts as our Perfect Honker goose calls, "You'll Love Our Guts!!" Blows easy and raspy with a sharp crack for drawing the attention of flocks or that single goose. We shave these reeds one at a time until they sound like the Perfect Honker that they are. If you want the durability of acrylic without the engraving or the stainless steel band, that is priced like a less expensive poly, this is your call.

Also offered in Old Fashioned Flute call where a simple puff of air produces really accurate goose sounds. Please specify Short Reed or Flute Goose call.

Acrylic Goose Call in Realtree Wetlands

SKU: BL960314
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