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This shirt's 5.5 oz 100% ringspun cotton wears increadibly well.  This shirt option is available in both adult and youth sizes.  It comes in a nice natural looking railroad grey color and the design represents a great sportsman's theme:


Big Lake Outdoor Products support a strengthened bond betweeen waterfowlers for the good of duck conservation and hunting.  Banded Together symbolizes two important purposes for the waterfowler:


1. Conservation:

Banded ducks aid conservationists in preserving the prized waterfowl resource.  Waterfowlers delight in banded birds because they are a real time data input of migratory actions.  The bands demonstrate hunter's licensing fees and passionate supportive means at work.


2. Unity:

We are connected in our interest in participating and enjoying waterfowl today.  Waterfowlers also understand the objective of sustaining a viable continuation for future generations. 


Our hope is to represent a message of hunters being unified.  Although the image implies individual differences between a mallard, wood duck, and green-winged teal; they are all illustrated with a common unity and Banded Together with a collective purpose.  

Banded Together Short Sleeve Shirt

SKU: BL195320
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