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The Breaker Box Call is Lights Out for Old Toms, being made of unique and very expensive Dymond Wood Laminate that has been used for years in the best strikers for pot calls. There's never been a box call made out of it, and now is almost impossible as the factory that made this laminate burned down and the supply is very limited to foreign imports with poor quality.  But I have an outstanding new supply coming from the United States that is fantastic quality, and have made a limited supply of these box calls using this type wood.  Best Yelp and Best / Easiest Purring I have ever heard on a Box Call.  Dymond Wood is heavy as it's glued using extreme pressure and makes a very unique and different sound than any box call I ever used.  Those who have "run one" have bought it on sight and I think it will make a wave in the turkey industry as one of the best box calls ever made.  Extremely limited.  Expensive to make.  Very heavy too.  It will feel and call like no box call you have ever used or felt.  Throw the Breaker on those hard to reach wily Toms, call in Gobblers with it, and "Trip the Switch!" .................Very Limited numbers.

Breaker Box Call made of Dymond Wood

SKU: BL960185BB
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