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Cocobolo is highly regarded for its dense oily nature that provides an excellent tone, maintains stability, and is stunningly beautiful.  It is widely considered the most perfect wood for duck calls.  Material importation limitations have minimized availability and increased material pricing.  It is very unlikely that we will offer cocobolo after our existing stock is depleted.  This is a special chance to obtain an excellent sounding call made from a wonderful material that should be cherished.  The only engraving is our company name on the bottom flat surface of the barrel - this is to let the beauty of the natural wood stand out.    


Please consider these reed/insert explanations to help in choosing your preferred call selection:

  • Perfect Timber - Single reed with smaller exhaust hole (considered a softer call but still plenty loud)
  • Open Water - Single reed with larger exhaust hole (a louder volume call)
  • T-Rex - Double reed with a plastic and metal reed and a timber exhaust hole.  The vibration of the metal reed adds a ducky raspy sound and the timber exhaust is a softer style call.
  • World's Best Double Reed - Double reed with two mylar reeds but with an open water exhaust.  Using an open water exhaust adds volume and compliments the ease of use of a traditional double reed.

Cocobolo Mallard Call

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