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"Wildly Raspier, Breaks Ducks Faster!" This Wooden D2T2 has all the characteristics of the Acrylic version but a little bit smoother & softer in a way that only wood can give. This call is built in beautiful Bocote wood and is offered in either T-Reed #3 or T-Reed #4 (a little stiffer and raspier). All the asthetic beauty of soft lovely wood that "takes the edge off" of the same D2T2 call offered in acryilc to produce a slightly more subdued and appealing duck sound. It can still reach up to the upper stratosphere to break ducks as well as produce soft quacks & feed calls that won't spook ducks up close. "Will Not Stick, Lock Up, or Freeze-Guaranteed!"

D2T2 - Double Reed (Pro Grade) in Bocote Wood

SKU: BL000194
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