"Wildly Raspier, Breaks Ducks Faster!" best describes this acrylic pro grade double reed that customers and guides all across the US are raving about. An acrylic double reed that has a very large exhaust hole that uses the exclusive Big Lake metal T-Reed in the top dimpled reed in #3 or #4 (#4 is slightly thicker & raspier) it is possibly the loudest call you'll ever blow but also can be very soft for ducks up close. It also is the world's best diver call with the metal T-Reed making the sharp & loud guttural "Ber-attt" to perfection for calling in all types of diver ducks. Being used right now by both hunters and guides who specialize in diver hunting. Similar to the Modified Olt D-2 but with two thirds less air used, the range is incredible from very loud to very soft - perfect for breaking high flying ducks or finishing the close ones. The stainless steel T-Reed makes it so very raspy just like a Mallard hen, and the realism brings them in. Perfect for guides, die hard hunters who blow a lot, or those who just want a thoroughbred call with a wide range of volume and realism that calls in both puddle ducks & divers! It requires just a little bit more air than other Big Lake double reeds & operates just like a single reed with great inflection and a perfect ability for rolling feed calls, cajun squeal calls, etc. You can scream it in the timber or open field and still whisper a gentle quack with perfect tone and incredible raspiness. Will not stick, lock up, or freeze - Guaranteed! 

D2T2 - Double Reed (Pro Grade) with Metal T-Reed

SKU: BL959921