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The 1st Polished Engraved Acrylic Deer Grunt Call IN THE WORLD, in 3 colors-All Pearlized with Stainless Band.  Everyone knows that acrylic is louder than both wood and plastic - so why not make an acrylic Deer Grunt Call with loud dynamic grunts to both challenge other bucks as well as create small tending grunts to Does? Made of pure acrylic and not plastic, this Big Lake Grunt Call has a pure big Buck sound with a really soft Doe grunt created from the other end of the call, based on a push-pull theory of operation. You can blow really loud and obnoxious Buck Grunt Calls, or use it as a fantastic Doe Bleat Call when lightly pulling air backwards through the opposite (exit) end. The lighter you pull or suck on the exit end, the lower the doe grunt or bleat - so low that it's almost a murmur, exactly like Does sound in the wild! This call is offered in the beautiful colored acrylic of your choice with a stainless steel band for a lifetime of use, ready to go deer hunting when you are!

Deer Grunt Call (Engraved Acrylic)

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