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After the hunt with a bag of waterfowl harvested, you can pull this Deluxe Game Tote out of your hunting coat or blind bag. It's larger, more beautiful and ornate than the Compact. (I always keep mine in my cargo pants pocket or my zip-up inner pocket in my hunting coat for those long walks with heavy birds out of the blind or swamps.) Create your custom color scheme from any two available colors to represent your favorite school or for added hunting safety (example, Garnet & Black for the University of SC). It has a beautiful black anodized ring that folds down and two large beautiful braided strands with four rings attached to each for a total of an eight-bird carrying capacity (six ducks and two geese, or eight ducks where legal). From the black round ring is flat paracord braiding followed by a fat braid for dramatic looks and then simple braid all the way down to the eight round nickel rings. Simply make a loop of cord through the round ring and place the duck head in the loop and throw over your back while using the black anodized ring for a handle. It frees up your other hand to carry your gun, stool and decoys. Use over and over through the years to haul your precious birds back to camp.

Deluxe Game Duck & Goose Tote - 8 Ring

SKU: BL862491
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