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This is a fantastic option to buy EVERYTHING in one purchase for a duck hunter.  Duck hunters most often have an assortment of calls for calling to an variety of duck species (mallard, pintail, wood duck).  The Duck Caller Ultimate Pack includes a lanyard along with mallard, pintail, and wood duck calls and more! 


Additionally, the Duck Caller Ultimate Pack is a great option to provide a hunter with:

  • An all-inclusive gift (i.e. Father’s day, Christmas, or birthday gift)!
  • Completely outfitting a hunter with all the necessary calls!
  • Imparting significance through quality!


Duck Caller Ultimate Pack Contents:

  1. Acrylic T Rex Mallard Call: Big Lake’s T Rex is a premium mallard double reed call with metal and mylar reeds.  It is built on an open water insert to allow more air volume.  It has the traditional double reed smoothness but with amplified sound characteristics due to the metal reed.  The call is made of premium acrylic.
  2. Premier Pintail Whistle: This is a “Maurilio” pintail roller ball style whistle.  It is exceptional at producing thepintail peeps and trill sounds.  It also excellent at producing the wigeon and mallard drake sounds.  The Premier Pintail whistle is made of jatoba wood.
  3. Dymond Wood Duck Call: A Big Lake wood duck call that accurately makes the wood duck squeal and the other sounds of the wood duck.  Dymond wood is a hard laminate wood and this is a beautiful cocobolo color Dymond wood – so you get quality material and appearance!
  4. Simple Round Lanyard: This is a hand tied lanyard made of two colors of parachute cord in “round” weave.  It is tied with 4 double loops.  This allows for up to four calls to be attached with two loops on each call.  Additionally, there is a utility loop with a clip that can be used for dog whistles, etc.  Includes a mini engraved duck call and a Big Lake band. 
  5. Big Lake Hat
  6. Big Lake Sticker
  7. Tote Bag: The gift pack includes a quality two handled tote bag that is great for holding an assortment of hunting items.  It is sized for holding three boxes of shells, or, the tote could be great for storing hunting calls or other miscellaneous hunting items.  It is made of premium fabrics.  The outside is made from camo Ottertex canvas waterproof fabric.  And the inside contains a 70 denier coated ripstop nylon.    


The difference between the Duck Caller Ultimate and Primal Pack is: The Ultimate Pack includes an acrylic T Rex and Dymond Wood Duck call vs. the Primal Pack including a Dymond/Poly T Rex and a poly Wood Duck call – simply difference in material costs.


Visit each individual product item on the Big Lake Outdoor Products website for even more detailed product descriptions.

Duck Caller Ultimate Pack

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