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A rounded tip striker made out of DymondWood® which is an extremely hard laminate.  As you know the previous supplier of Dymond Wood mfg plant burned down and it is presently very scarce, but we have a very good source of it and it's never been prettier than from this source.   Also, we are making these  with the Big Foot tip that has more contact with the Pot Surface which is what callers want.  My FAVORITE!   It is a very, very hard round tip striker that works wonders on both glass and/or slate calls. If you want to just carry one striker for both kinds of pot calls, the DymondWood® striker will produce superior sounds on either. The sound of any call comes from the wood grain and DymondWood® will always make high quality, accurate pot call turkey sounds.

Effort: Moderate Skill Level
Sound: Very Realistic on Slate, Glass, or Crystal Pot Calls Mfg Specs: Dymond Laminate Wood with Rounded Tip

DymondWood® Striker w/Big Tip

SKU: BL960192
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