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The Widgeon Magnet, the"True "Widgeon Slayer call!ALSO PERFECTLY REPRODUCES THE BLACK BELLY TREE DUCK'S SLURRING WHISTLE SOUND! (I just went to Argentina and called in flock after flock w/this call) Proudly Partnering with Maurilio Bird Call Co this calls is The Big Lake Widgeon Magnet is hand crafted & made of Beautiful Exotic South American Jatoba' wood  and perfectly duplicates the slurring of the widgeon "Sha-Whoo-Whee." Blow in and out easily to match the perfect Widgeon & Black Belly Tree Duck sounds.  And we're getting more and more tree ducks all over our hunting places!  It matches the Widgeon call so well that I add it to my lanyard and use it everytime that I see or hear them, and see them come in like steel to a magnet!  Add one to yours!  Limited Quantities

Widgeon Magnet Call

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