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Part of Our Perfect Timber series means Perfect in the Timber and everywhere else open water or otherwise..Simply Perfect. A great Top End for clear sounding greetings and hail calls, and an incredibly ducky bottom end that is truly awesome. Many people say that we have combined the best of all the Arkansas styled duck calls ever made into one call, and This 1/4" hole single reed traditional Timber Call has Perfect tone and realism for quiet to medium timber hunting or normal lake hunting conditions. This acrylic call is very easy to blow and has great raspy tone.(many owners say it's raspy just like a double reed) It will do it all including the cajun squeal, “wanka wanka“, and great rolling feed call. Like all Perfect Timber calls, it is designed to never stick so that you are never let down when you need your call to perform at its best. Will not stick!

Perfect Timber - Medium Volume

SKU: BL959915
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