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Now adding the Metal T-Reed #3 in the double reed to make this a grand bargain and a killer call.  Same ingredients and call components as our T-Rex, this call will do it all anywhere in any country that mallards are present. Perfect Timber Poly duck call in either single or double reed, dipped in Realtree Max-4 camo, will absolutely make all of the sounds of the Mallard duck while not sticking or freezing up. Makes perfect rolling feed call, "Wanka Wanka" greeting, Cajun "Whine" and all other sounds that you would expect from a premium duck call with no flaws!! Priced competitively at 20 bucks, this call can be used anywhere in the World with outstanding results. A "Go-To" duck call for beginners or pros! Please choose Single or Double Reed.

Perfect Timber Poly in Realtree Max-4

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