Pintail Passion Rosewood Call, is HARDER & HARDER TO FIND TO MAKE THIS  Very Rare, New Dark Exotic Wooden Pintail/Widgeon call that has beautiful trills and peeps from the very accurate roller ball it has inside.  It has two ports that allow you to alter the sound from high-to-low to mimic more than one duck.  Proudly Partnering with Maurilio Bird Call Co this call is Made of Exotic Rare Rosewood, and will last a lifetime.   ACTUALLY SOUNDS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER WOOD- It has that "sweet "soft "wood sound" that calls them, and becomes the Pintail Passion to lure in Big Shy Sprigs!   Does a great job on Widgeons too, to make it a 2-N-1 versatile call to put on your lanyard.  Gone when they're limited supply.

Pintail Passion Rosewood Call


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