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Proudly Partnering with Maurilio Bird Call Co this call is The Premier Pintail whistle, the best all around "roller ball" whistle ever made, making perfect Pintail double note trills & peeps. Very Limited Numbers....It is butter soft smooth for close-in calling to big old Sprigs whereas many other calls on the market are too harsh & loud. Holes are located on both sides (wings) of the call that can be closed/opened to alter the pitch to perfection! Also makes a wonderful Widgeon whistle and a really great Mallard drake quack. Again, very smooth and soft, but has good range to go loud if needed. This is the greatest roller ball whistle I have ever used, and you will never want to go into the woods again without your Big Lake Premier Pintail whistle!  Made of Beautiful & Durable Exotic South American Jatoba'  Wood!

Premier Pintail Call

SKU: BL960512
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