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The "Ringleader" double reed mouth call has a Snub Nosed Batwing with Slit-Cut design.  Batwings are known for raspiness and ease of use.  The snub nosed slit-cut addition to the batwing design accentuates these qualities .  Named "Ringleader" after the raspy old hen in charge of every flock;  "Ringleader" mouth call mimics a boss hen to help you call in the big gobbler. 


All of Big Lake Outdoor Products' mouth calls are triple reeds except for the "Ringleader" double reed.  "Ringleader" demonstrates how less can be more!


Effort: Easy Skill

Sound: Excellent Raspiness with Great Volume

Mfg Specs: Top Green Reed is .004 thickness; Bottom Brown Reed .003 thickness


SKU: BL195077
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