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I HAVE CALLED IN 1000'S OF DUCKS WITH THIS CALL!  Poly is known to be softer and more subtle for hunting call weary ducks, but when the Metal T-Reed is put in it turns this Poly call with the Beautiful Wood Barrel into a Small Monster- A T-REX!  Soft, Raspy, and Lovely on the Low End-& A Screamer on the High End that will Break Ducks 100's of Yards Away.  I've made other callers believers with this call as they couldn't match it's performance with their hi end acrylic calls.  The Most Perfect Call Made-Bar None!  "Wildly Raspier, Breaks Ducks Faster!" best describes this sweet, affordable poly insert double reed that customers and guides all across the US are raving about. A beautiful wood barrel made out of Bocote and/or Dymond Wood Laminate that uses the exclusive Big Lake Metal T-Reed in the top dimpled reed in #3(#3 is easier to run and my favorite) or #4 (#4 is slightly thicker & raspier and slightly harder to run). Quite possibly the most realistic mallard call you'll ever blow that is super raspy but also can be very soft for ducks up close. Incredible range from very loud to very soft; perfect for breaking high flying ducks or finishing the close ones. The stainless steel T-Reed makes it very raspy (#3 is our favorite for this call) just like a Mallard hen, and the realism brings them in. Perfect for guides, die hard hunters who blow a lot, or those who just want a thoroughbred call with a wide range of volume and realism.

T-Rex Double Reed in Wood with Metal T-Reed

SKU: BL960260
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