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This 14-sided pot call has an incredible amount of raspiness and an even greater sweet spot that drives gobblers crazy.  It makes other hens turn green with envy as proved during the 2014 season. Five big gobblers fell prey as it was field tested and proved, and at times, hens came in and attacked the hen decoy out of jealousy and rage after hearing this call.  The exotic Yellow Heart wood produces a very unique and realistic double note yelp that is slightly higher pitched just like a real hen making her clarion-like call and it is followed by a terribly raspy "awk-awk" that simply drives birds crazy!  It has become our go-to call along with the a Big Lake mouth call tucked in my cheek for close in work for hands-free shots.  Includes a premium Head Hunter DymondWood® rounded tip striker.

Yellow Heart Aluminum Pot Call - “Green Eyed Lady" w/striker

SKU: BL960505
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